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Tokyo today is bracing for a colder day as the chill winds blow , In the cosy of my room I remind that it is about 2years and 2 months  back I was added to this group and I happen to browse to the recent two years with my Vsv 89

As I flipped the pages of my past 2 years events It was baffling to see the reunited friends have been to me and how life has taken metamorphical changes after we reincarnated back as vsv89

Ever the opening 2016 reunion we have been more connected shrinking the world space .. there has been more small meets for all who visited to any locations and the icing being the sheer pleasure we get in seeing those all friends

Life is ofcourse challenging with work family children but to space out time for friends is something we are an expert at and do best .. recent Niveditas acts is so visible to see how she flocks so well with all our friends and is so close to many

My personal experience to visit locations has been a terrific one . If 2016 grand union was a spectacular start, my 2017 visit to India ( June and December)was no less .. whether it is Rajnish Ipsita Ambika Sheena Samit Uma Cheng or the Niveditas and Narsi’s or the Banita sushovan Litu Ajay Gargi Usha Asha or the Delhi Ravi Manaswini Basant Swaroop or the Sujata Proteek and Anookh’s in Ahmedabad all have met me and making me filled with joy and happiness.. there were more to pamper me on the phone from Kala to Ati to Ajay singh Rajput ,Anila Sunita Sushma Vinci and then the group of vsv89 messaging on the group and flooring me with showers of love and affection with nobody is less to each other in any form of communication ( meet, call or message) and many who were busy remembered me too .. I was completely floored

If that was not enough when I flew to the west side of the world .. while it was difficult to meet but all were very caring  from KK, Dum, Lata , Nag poornima Sudharani all calling me at sometime

Not to forget the last two birthday wishes I got and the special feeling I got by the DP made my Umesh made me filled with joy to no bounds

The attachment to each member has grown so much that I have a belongingness and can feel happiness in good times and sorrow right under my skin when they are in trouble ( from MG to Samit to Asha ). All Children success made me jump in joy

I was out for a while from the group for challenging professional issues it was vacant feeling and the mistiming and missing the GJ of sunabeda (Those friends shouts to me to come whatever still echos me) completely derailed me into depression as I love to be with all at all possible chances

I hardly remember a day like this I could experience before 2016…

I loved always to drive the memories of bylanes of sunabeda , vsv89 just made it more reactive and a purpose to do that more often

The sketches of Ajay to the songs of Sunita  makes me feel they are near around me

Wish I get closer geographically some day to you all

Too much of love too much of pampering by each one of you .. making me feel rejuvenated to see you sometime soon

While I was sad and prayed when our family members of friends were down (Nirlipta and Manaswini father and happy to see their recovery) I rejoiced  for all our children success .. it’s so much fun

It all happens with me here in tokyo as my wife Leena watches this madness of me

I was saying to Leena today… If I was given a wish I would ask I want all of these vsv89 hale and hearty and smiling and swaying this way with me forever because everything of me will retire but not my friends

BB do you deserve so much ? Well as long this tribe of vsv89 is there I can’t leave them whether they love me hate me bash me or cry on me .. I will stand with each one of them rock solid as their friend of vsv89… because they aren’t who are friends of 2016, they belong to my era 1975-1989 ..

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