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70 years have passed by since India got its precious independence . I began to ponder and analyse today where we are today and what we could be today . Iam able to do this because I live in a country that was destroyed completely a couple of years back before we got independence and I can see a reasonable equation to equate both the countries point of start for rising to a new horizon .
The British looted our country till 1947 and lot has been written about it . It isn’t the looting of wealth that bothers me so much as the sheer fact that when we received Independence ,we merely replaced the Brits by ourselves with a constitution that we began to develop using the philosophies we emulated from the Americans on democracy to the Russians as Socialist and some of our own ideologies in some ways – The result was that we embraced a family dynasty or factions of unscrupulous idiots inherited from the brits and they just became masters of the same, broken, weak people, who were simply willing to suck up to authority.
Nobody gave India confidence! This is the part that bothers me so much. The fact that we developed a constitution that was a comfort to few echelons of the society and the MK Gandhi’s style of non violence and winning’ us freedom by giving the enemy higher moral ground.

So if we notice the entire philosophy was so deeply ingrained into the people of India who had and probably still have the mentality to follow the British legacy is very well clear in our society . Our embracement to allow religions, beliefs

( recognition to fake saints , astrologers , old beliefs that has no locus standi in modern world ) having a say in the country future was another thorn in the road of development . The resultant was India has grown up as an apologetic impotent nation, where our children are taught to revere impractical, passive, cowardly notions like non-violence, beliefs in miracles with prayers and non sensical theories wrongly interpreted from our sacred texts of our religions and fathom a recognition to medieval methodology of caste based discrimination and populating ourselves recklessly based on the previous generations theories , all this when everything in nature tells us to fight to survive and hard work to grow and the world followed diligently and respect the nature and its limited resources . Yes only hard work . Of course I know the philosophy of not fighting because of being strong. But this comes from mastery and fight to be self dependent and not shamelessly bowing to masters!

So, we saw a change of guard. The Brits went, and new masters came in . Hierarchies remained, the class system remained, and subservience remained. Where the heck did all the dynamism go? Where did we loose the direction for sheer hard work .

While we dwelled on these imbecile dogma impregnated by certain self leader of a developing society , not far from this country , an island nation was just believing in hard work where work was a religion on an extreme self discipline. Today Japan has reached the other side of the extremism of this principle is a different story but we are pretty far from that .

Then we were thrown into a socialist mindset, people waiting for alms from government wealth redistribution programs ,caste

based discriminations and preferences instead of being empowered. We got protectionist policies, that prevented prosperity and competition, throwing us away from a path of a meritocracy.

Hindustan Motors was started around the same time as Toyota, and Tata Steel started around the same time as Nippon Steel. Nippon Steel produces around five times as much as Tata Steel without native resources of ore( Yes Japan doesn’t have native resource of the Ore while India has in abundance) . No need to talk about Hindustan Motors and Toyota. Japan coming out of twin nuclear strikes was devastated way more than India under the Brits. Do we need to compare how different the growth paths of these two nations have been?

Only when thousands died did we start the Green Revolution. Only when China attacked us did we realize we need to become militarily stronger. Only with our backs against the wall, did India liberalize its economy what we were supposed to be done in early 1960’s . Dynasty politics and politics for selfish motives ensured that every move we have made towards any kind of development has come under inevitable circumstances, with our backs against the wall.

India was never allowed to be truly independent, strong, and proud of its people’s full potential. No wonder so many of us left in droves and thrived in various countries elsewhere and believe me its pretty bad feeling for not able to contribute to the India growth story . This is the loot I would feel most wronged by – denying India its best talents and minds, because we didn’t create the conditions for dignified development.

Incredibly, the immense sacrifices of our fighting heroes were also swept aside under this avalanche of worship for Gandhiji. Why? So that the Brits would feel good? I have been reading several articles and wondered why was the India Government reporting to British Intelligence for 5 years after we became an independent country, about Subhash Bose’s family’s . Are we obliged to do that ? or was it our obsession to the white skin masters rule.

There are several such incidents across various spheres of Indian life where we find a bunch of ass lickers that I want to hang or burn over a slow fire.

In the list of racial discrimination India stands tall among several other countries .. It is not the people who wanted it but it was well grained into the mind from several generations of habitual slavery attitude to the masters which was a resultant effect . Even today let us ask ourselves to our heart that while we show that we don’t discriminate if Ms Sonia Gandhi wouldn’t be an Italian white lady and would be Nigerian black woman. would she have the same status as today ? That’s how deeply ingrained the slave mentality and like this I have millions of examples in various faucets of India to show

It is the loot of India’s pride, dignity, dynamism and die hard spirit that bothers me much much more than the loot of wealth. Our country produced enough wealth to support the British Empire for 200 years. It can easily produce much more to ensure prosperity, health and well being for its own people. Yes we are indeed very capable than many other countries even today This is an abundant, powerful country, that has been

prevented from being a developed, forward thinking, awesome nation that could by now have been an example for the world.

If India has been a weak, apologetic nation for so long, it’s precisely because of the previous generations attitude Why do we have to follow the legacy and put up with these weasels and the fools who have done this in the past ? I would give anything to destroy this smugness, decimate it, and put it firmly behind us.
All we need is not to look back what our past generations did as they did the best they felt with their limited wisdom in those circumstances . We need to get more innovative , remove the cobwebs of legacy of generations to be carried brainlessly and entwine ourselves to hard work as a way of life of survival

India has enough resources to cater to the burgeoning 1.6 Bn people , all we need is to recognize the nature limitations , prudence and hard work and I can be sure that instead of sitting in the cosy of our living rooms and watching the yellow journalism and biased media and giving judgements of the performance of the government and circulating crap forwards in social media , we began to just do our work diligently and change our attitude to life , then the economic loot that was systematically looted over the past 200 years will be a peanut to what we would have and we will be enough strong to bloody well make them pay for all of it.

Good luck

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